Social Science

Tecia BartonDepartment Chair: Tecia Barton
Room: 408
[email protected]

The mission of PV High’s Social Science department is to provide quality learning experiences to all students that lead to understanding how each of us shapes, and is shaped by, our culture and society. PV High’s social science department has created one of the most unique and outstanding programs in the nation. Our outstanding social science faculty, which includes three attorneys, takes great pride in being one of just a handful of high schools nation-wide that offers a supplementary international studies diploma, (PVID), for students that successfully complete a rigorous list of Advanced Placement and honors social science courses. We are able to offer this opportunity because we are one the only high school in Los Angeles County that offers all seven of the Advanced Placement social science courses: AP Comparative Government, AP Economics, AP European History, AP Human Geography, AP Government and Politics, AP US History and AP World History. In addition, our outstanding, award-winning Model United Nations and Mock Trial teams offer students the chance to apply their learning experiences to an extra-curricular setting.