Open Orchard Productions

Teacher: Kristin Lyons 
Room: 510
Phone: 310-378-8471 Ext. 43510


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“The Future of Media is Podcasting” reported Fast Company in February 2015!  And, Palos Verdes High School is facilitating students to enter the field.  Since its inception in 2013 with 5 founding members, Open Orchard Productions has metamorphosed into a credited, elective class of 30 students.  Skills learned through this type of broadcast journalism include time management, organization, creativity, writing for radio, interviewing, and multi-media editing.  The professional-sounding podcasts that students have produced have resulted in 48 licenses to air their work on local and national radio stations.  Open Orchard Productions have worked with renowned professional organizations including NPR, This American Life, Public Radio International, Atlantic Public Radio, Transom, Radio Diaries, The Memory Palace, Third Coast International Audio Festival, KCRW, KPCC.  Students have also had a personal meeting with the CEO of VCA Animal Hospitals and special lectures from 14 Emmy award winner Chris Blatchford (Fox11LA) and HomeMade News radio producers Shara Morris and Jennifer Rice.  Open Orchard Productions has hosted the local Los Angeles group of independent radio producers for a listening party and has gotten personal backstage tours of Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney, Sony, and Fox Studios.  Palos Verdes High School is dedicated to integrating real-world experiences into the learning process.