Digital Animation

Kristy JiminezVisual & Performing Arts Department Chair, Digital Arts Teacher
Ms. Kristy Jimenez
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Kristy Jimenez is the Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair and teaches Photography and Animation at PVHS. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree from UCSB in the Arts, has a Fine Arts Teaching Credential and Clear CLAD Certificate from UCI, and a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University. She has been teaching in the high school Fine Arts and Digital Media Arts, since 1993 and happy to be a Sea Queen at PVHS.

The PVHS Visual and Performing Arts Department prides itself in creating and providing interesting and challenging opportunities to prepare students for college, a job, or just a positive well-rounded artistic experience in high school.

Visual Arts


Digital AnimationDigital Animation 1
Digital Animation focuses on developing basic drawing, animation and story telling skills. Students will learn how to develop visual scenes and characters. Students draw in a sketchbook on a daily basis to gain explore their visual voice. They will also explore basic animation skills that make up an animated film. Students will create short visual stories using a variety of software including Adobe Animate, Photoshop, and After Effects. In addition students have the opportunity to work in a 3-D program, to develop modeling and animation skills in a 3-D environment. Throughout the year, students create a portfolio of their work that demonstrates the learned skills over the course of the year.

Digital Animation 2
Students will continue to expand their artistic skills by creating well-developed story ideas for music videos, commercials, and stop motion animation. They will continue to draw in a sketchbook on a daily basis. Students focus on character and story development as well as cinematic techniques that help tell a visual story. Students have the choice to begin exploration or to continue in 3-D animation for the year. Students are encouraged to polish their portfolio content to present their work at a National Portfolio Day Review.

Digital Animation 3
Students choose a medium to explore in depth to develop a serious and well-developed animation piece. They will continue to draw in a sketchbook on a daily basis. Students are given smaller projects throughout the year to help them expand on their artistic abilities. Students will complete a portfolio that contains observational and digital sketches along with a reel of animated work that prepares them for an art school application and presentation to at least one National Portfolio Day Review.